Отзыв о группе в Ташкенте. My Recovery. Chris, Ohio.


Отзыв о группе в Ташкенте. My Recovery. Chris, Ohio.

I drank and used all through high school and college. I went to AA and it worked for 30 years until I stopped going to meetings.I got sober Jan 1, 1983 and stayed sober 30 years until I relapsed Jan 1, 2013. I drank for a year and a half and ended up in treatment and was on medication for another year and a half and stopped everything Jan 1, 2016. Now I have a year and 8 months going to meetings regularly the whole time
I went to meetings all over the world for 30 years. It was great to get to a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Great country, great people.

I wish the Tashkent Group all the best. I’m sure AA will grow in Uzbekistan just like in every other country around the world

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